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Commercial Tree Service

Commercial Tree Service in Atlanta, GA

We know as well as anyone that keeping a business operating takes a lot of work. While you take care of the internal workings, allow us to maintain the beauty and health of your exterior. One Source Tree Service offers affordable commercial tree service in Atlanta, GA, to business owners with property and trees of all sizes. Call us in order to schedule an appointment to assess the needs of your yard. Commercial tree care is specifically tailored to savvy business owners who understand the importance that healthy, beautiful trees play in attracting customers.

The care you take in enhancing the exterior of your business reflects the care you put into running the business as a whole. A dead or dying tree is likely to turn customers off to your business. When you start to see the signs of one of the trees next to your building ailing, our commercial tree doctor is on standby to diagnose the problem and take the necessary steps towards improving the health of the tree. From mulching to pruning, we have a full-range of services designed to keep your trees alive.

Commercial Tree Care Protects Your Building

Tree growth is extremely slow, but once the tree has gotten to the point where it hangs over or leans toward your building, it poses a serious risk to the safety of your business and your assets. Our in-house arborist is the expert you need to shape and direct the growth of your trees in a way that does not impact the safety of your space. If you believe a tree is compromising the safety of your building, we offer emergency tree removal for just such a scenario. Don't let an unhealthy tree looming over your business threaten your welfare any longer.

Commercial Tree Doctor for Ailing Trees

Trees are complex living organisms that have the potential to live for hundreds of years. Some species, such as the Live Oaks that are common in the south, have the potential to live perpetually. With a professional commercial tree doctor, even trees with failing health have the potential to live for years to come. Keeping healthy, aged trees on your property not only enhances the property value, but also attracts customers with a rustic, beautiful look. Extend the lifespan of your trees through us.

Trees In Front of Commercial Building in Atlanta, GA

Contact us today if you think a tree on your business' property is in ill health for expert commercial tree care services. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.