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Emergency Tree Service in Atlanta, GA

Quick Emergency Tree Service in Atlanta, GA

Local storms come frequently and often with little warning. For many property owners, that means potentially dangerous damage to tree limbs and trunks. At the same time, everyday dangers like wood-eating parasites and old age can turn a source of shade into an accident waiting to happen -- and you won’t know when the situation could get worse until it does. That’s why having an emergency tree service in Atlanta, GA, ready to help is so important.

The good news? You already have a partner who can step in to protect your property and preserve your plants. At One Source Tree Service, we take a wide range of emergency calls. Our trained professionals make sure you never have to wait long for a solution. Offering 24/7 tree services for the most critical situations, we deliver the peace of mind you deserve.

Emergency Tree Service

Speedy, Safe Removal

A fallen tree can block you from getting through your own yard or driveway. It might also become even more of a problem if left sitting somewhere longer than necessary. With our 24-hour tree service, you get removal without delay -- but we don’t just focus on being quick. More than a decade of experience means that we know how to make the process as safe as possible. Get in touch with us today to schedule an emergency visit from our team.

Contact us for a free estimate on the cost of our 24-hour, emergency tree service. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.