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Mulch Company

Mulch Company in Atlanta, GA

Make your garden, lawn, and trees truly stand out with yard mulch installation from the tree service experts at One Source Tree Service. Our landscaping services are designed to handle jobs of any size, and as such, we produce a lot of mulch from removing trees and grinding stumps from properties throughout the area. The best mulch for our climate is the kind that comes from trees within the climate, meaning our mulching company in Atlanta, GA, has the perfect mulch for your yard at unbeatable prices.

Enhance Your Yard's Health with Mulch Installation

Mulch installation is the perfect way to make any garden or lawn look incredible while enhancing the health of the plants as well. Mulching the topsoil has several benefits for your yard, including preventing the spread of weeds that aim to steal the nutrients from your trees or garden plants. Since mulch is continually breaking down under the surface, it is capable of regulating the temperature of the dirt, locking in and creating moisture, and breaking down into the wonderful nutrients your plants need to thrive. Keeping the roots of your plants at the right temperature and giving them the water they need to survive is pivotal to healthy plants, long-lived plants.

Mulch in Wheelbarrow in Atlanta, GA

Our tree mulch installation is especially healthy since it is made from all-natural, freshly ground wood pulp from trees in the area. This means that everything going into your soil is from our area, designed by nature to promote the health of the plants around it. Thanks to our tree grinding services, we are able to provide mulch at extremely low prices, allowing us to pass the savings directly on to you.

Fast and Convenient Yard Mulch Installation

Operating as we have for more than 10 years has allowed us to perfect the efficiency of our team. Large yards in Georgia often require a lot of mulching. Our yard mulch installation is designed to fully mulch your yard as quickly as possible, using the right people with the right tools to maximize the efficiency of our work. The speed of our work even saves you money, lessening the cost of labor in comparison to other companies. All you have to do is relax inside and watch as we transform the look and health of your yard in no time.

Contact us for more information on the type of mulch we carry and how it makes your yard a healthier place for plants and trees. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.