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Tree Pruning

Pruning Service in Atlanta, GA

Get the most out of the trees in your yard thanks to the expert tree pruning service in Atlanta, GA, offered by One Source Tree Service. On top of our trimming and tree removal, we provide tree and shrub pruning to customers throughout the area. We are capable of transforming your tired-looking trees into expertly crafted masterpieces of landscaping. Whether you are seeking pruning services for growth control, safety, or simply for enhancing the beauty of your yard, we provide a pruning and tree thinning service that handles any species or sizes of trees you have in your yard. Our expert pruners are here for you.

Careful, Precise Tree and Shrub Pruning

Just about anyone with a blade or chainsaw is capable of hacking away at tree limbs and bushes. However, to both control the growth of the tree and make them look beautiful, it takes a discerning eye and a trained, patient mind. Our team is well established as the people to turn to for the right touch when pruning your trees. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we are able to provide tree pruning that helps you take back your backyard from nature while preserving the natural elegance of the trees. We work with any species of tree in the area, possessing the experience, skills, and tools necessary to take on the toughest of jobs. Tall, hard-to-reach trees are nothing to our trained technicians.

Tree Branch Being Pruned in Atlanta, GA

We climb as high as needed to reach the tops of your trees and prune as needed. Removing dead limbs and problem branches ensures your property and the area around it are safe for anyone to enjoy. When you see tree limbs hanging precariously over your property or home, call us for tree pruning and we'll come and take care of the problem for you in a timely manner.

The Difference that Shrub and Tree Thinning Makes

Branches and limbs that look out of place or ugly are more than just an aesthetic problem. Trees and shrubs need a certain amount of energy devoted to each limb in order to survive. When limbs begin to grow in places that are covered by shade, they begin to suck more energy and nutrients from the tree or shrub than they produce, reducing the overall health of your plant. Our shrub pruning service is especially useful in this regard, as shrubs and bushes often need significant thinning to make sure that every limb has access to the sun. Let us come out and provide a free estimate on what is needed to maximize the health of your plants.

Contact us today for the pruning services you need to keep your yard as healthy as possible. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.