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Tree Removal in Atlanta, GA

Allowing an at-risk tree to remain in your yard for too long increases the potential that it will fall over, causing damage to your home or injury to your family. One Source Tree Service offers affordable tree removal in Atlanta, GA, for dead or dying trees and those with cracked limbs that pose a threat to your property. All of our tree services are focused on safety, ensuring that your yard is a safe place for you and your family to enjoy themselves. While trees are a beautiful, living aspect of your yard, we urge all of our customers to have the conditions of their trees checked on a regular basis by a certified professional.

When a tree in your yard starts to show signs of falling, it is of the utmost importance that you seek out our dangerous tree removal service before it is too late. it is impossible to determine exactly when a storm will hit or a sharp wind will kick up and pose a threat to already damaged or dead trees in your yard. Even without the help of a storm, trees and larger limps that have become damaged or cracked in some way are still at risk of toppling over for no apparent reason. Our tree removal service is designed specifically to mitigate the danger of this occurring. With more than 10 years of experience, we are the company to trust when it comes to keeping your property and family safe from harm. Save money and see our specials page for your tree removal needs. 

Signs That You Require a Tree Removal Service

The most obvious signs of damage to a tree exist at the base. If you see any carpenter ants, sawdust, or mushrooms growing around the base of the tree, it is likely that at least a section of the tree is decaying wood. Decaying wood is a sure sign that hazardous tree removal is necessary. It is also important to inspect the root flare to ensure that the tree's feeding roots, or top roots, are not too deeply buried to acquire the necessary nutrients from the topsoil. The next step is inspecting the tree's trunk. Things such as holes, cracks, and peeling bark are good indications that the tree's overall health is beginning to decline. Branches falling at an increased rate are also an important factor in declining tree health. While regular shedding of branches is necessary, excessive amounts should not be falling off. We are proud to offer dependable reliable tree removal service in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We service many areas, so call today to see if we come to your area! We can help you to access the health of your tree & know the options specific to your needs with a free estimate!

Specialist Removing Tree Branches in Atlanta, GA

Trust in Our Dangerous Tree Removal

Call our tree removal company the moment you notice any of the preceding problems with your tree. We safely remove any hazardous trees by slowly cutting the limps from the top down, a much safer method that starting from the base. Our staff comes prepared with all the tools they need to get the job done on the spot.

Tree removal isn't all we offer. We want your yard to be beautiful as well as safe, so set up an appointment with us for any of the following:

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