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Tree Care

Tree Care Company in Atlanta, GA

Trees are among the most beautiful, elegant additions to your yard that nature has to offer. Improve the appeal of your property and raise its value by scheduling an appointment with us for quality tree care service provided by One Source Tree Service. For a dependable tree service company in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area, there is no one better than us. We are the local tree pros who provide comprehensive care for your trees to ensure that your property is both beautiful and safe.

Clients throughout the area know that our tree doctor is capable of improving the look and health of the trees. We offer free estimates on all of our services and are more than willing to work around your schedule. For more than 10 years, our business has been dedicated to providing the best tree services in the area whenever and wherever they are needed.

Specialist Inspecting Tree Branches in Atlanta, GA

Providing Expert Tree Care Service

We are meticulous and caring when it comes to making sure your trees are as healthy as possible. Trees are the centerpiece around which all landscaping design hinges. Our company provides all the care and tree inspections you need to guarantee a happy, healthy tree for years to come. The experience, knowledge, and dedication of our team is all you need to make sure that the trees you have are suited to your yard and capable of thriving in their environment.

If we lack the ability to save an ailing tree or find out in our inspection that the tree is already dead, then we are able to quickly and efficiently remove it from your property. Our first priority it to keep as many trees living happily in your yard as possible, but if upon a hazardous tree assessment, we find that it simply cannot be saved, we offer an affordable quote on the spot for its removal.

Shape up Your Yard with Pruning from a Professional Tree Doctor

Don't let anyone cut away at your trees without the proper training and experience. Pruning and trimming, when performed properly, help your tree to thrive by eliminating excess branches that take nutrients from the rest of the plant. However, without the proper knowledge of tree physiology, it is possible to harm or even kill the tree while trying to help it. Trust in the experience of our tree doctor to know exactly how much or little to trim your tree to ensure it lives and thrives for years.

Contact us for a free estimate on the cost of enhancing the health of your trees with help from a professional tree doctor. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.