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Yard Debris Cleanup

Storm Debris Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

The storm has passed, but the results are still clearly present in your yard. If powerful winds and torrential rain have caused harm to your home or yard, trust our team for comprehensive storm debris cleanup in Atlanta, GA. One Source Tree Service provides swift emergency yard cleanup and tree disposal service in the event of a major storm. We offer yard debris cleanup, branch removal, and even complete tree removal when you need it the most.

Our top priority is restoring your yard to pristine condition. Set up an appointment for a free estimate and assessment of the extent of damage done to your yard. Our experts understand exactly what needs to be done no matter the how bad the damage is. We specialize in efficient, reliable, and most importantly, affordable yard cleanup. The faster you call after a storm, the sooner we are able to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Full-Service Yard Debris Cleanup

When it comes to something such as yard debris removal, you are looking at more than just an aesthetic issue. While excessive limbs or downed trees certainly look unsightly in your yard, damaged trees pose a serious risk to the safety of your home and family. A damaged tree is capable of falling at any minute, and when limbs are present on the ground, it means that more limbs might have been knocked loose and could fall at any moment. Let us handle all the heavy lifting of getting those branches cleared and any trees that may have been killed removed.

Our expert storm debris removal takes care of the hassle for you and provides your yard with a beautiful, safe look. Another important factor to consider is the property value of your home. A yard that is allowed to fall into ruin after successive storm systems hit loses significant property value, due both to the look of the yard and the perceived lack of safety. No one wants to buy a house that looks like a tree might fall on it at any moment. Trust in us to take the necessary steps towards improving the value of your home.

Downed Tree From Storm in Atlanta, GA

Reliable Emergency Tree Disposal Service

Tree disposal service is an absolute necessity if you find that a large tree in your yard has been damaged during a storm. Whether lightning has gutted the tree or high winds have partially uprooted it, a large tree is a serious hazard if it falls. We use the latest equipment and techniques to take dead trees down starting at the top, ensuring that nothing is damaged as the tree falls. We even offer the resulting mulch to you free of charge. Keep your yard beautiful and safe for your children to play in by hiring us today.

Contact us as soon as a storm strikes for prompt, efficient debris removal. We are proud to serve Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, East Point, and Stockbridge, Georgia, and the surrounding area.